Review Your Apartment For a Chance to Win $50

We’re an apartment reviews startup called Tenantree and we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to a selected renter in exchange for writing an apartment review: 

Our goal is to get more transparency and more information into the apartment rental process. We want everything to be above the table: accurate listings, no surprises, and accountability on both sides of the tenant-landlord equation. Basically we want an Airbnb-caliber community for the apartment renting space.

We’re just doing apartment reviews for now but we’re just getting started and have a long list of upgrades coming soon. To celebrate our recent launch and help get us going, we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to a randomly selected helpful apartment review submitted over the next week - it doesn’t matter whether the review is positive or negative, it just has to have helpful info. 

The reviews are anonymous and take only a minute. Here are a few examples of solid reviews we’ve gotten over the past couple days from all over the country: 

We’ll announce the winning review by email on Feb 16 (so log in with your gmail if that’s what you usually check). Start yours today and feel free to share with your roommates and anyone else who could use $50! 

-Tom, cofounder

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