Moving to Chicago? New to Chicago? We'll Find You a Place to Live

A big city can look like a gigantic black box if you're relocating or just kinda new here and need a place to call home.

If you're moving to Chicago or just new to the city and need help finding a new apartment, sublet, or room in a shared apartment, just post your details and requirements in our Tenantree Chicago Apartment Finder Facebook Group and we'll do our best to find a good fit.

If you're moving from an apt, the knowledge about what it’s like to live there moves with you. Let’s pass that knowledge down to the future tenants so we all have more info about the apartment we’re looking at before signing the lease.

If you have a minute, help out your neighbors and future-self by writing a quick, anonymous apartment review and let other renters know what it’s like to call your place home

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