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Welcome to Tenantree

You wouldn't even buy a tea kettle on Amazon before reading a handful of reviews, so why make the massive commitment of signing an apartment lease in the dark?  We live in a world filled with customer reviews. It's true that some are more helpful than others, but overall this world of customer reviews has led to a world of more informed, confident customer purchases. I mentioned a tea kettle above: I've just finished my holiday shopping as I sit down to write this first blog post ... and yes I actually just spent like 5 minutes reading reviews for tea kettles on Amazon. Now that might say more about me than about the benefit of customer reviews, but hey I made an informed and confident decision no matter how small, and I know exactly what I'll be getting in a couple of days. The same cannot be said for the much larger decision of where to rent my next apartment. Apartment rentals are mostly absent from this new world of customer reviews and it's causing a lot mo